Meminjam ungkapan dari @pidibaiq,

“Aku mencintaimu, biarlah, ini urusanku. Bagaimana kamu kepadaku, terserah, itu urusanmu.”


Because there are things you can’t share with your girl friends and platonic guy friends, I believe that every straight woman actually need at least one gay best friend on her life. By I mean ‘things you can’t share‘, mostly it’s about problems that cannot be taken out from the closet. That’s why a gay best friend is always helpful for: because he knows (or once knew) how it feels to hide something in the closet, too. And I need one, like, RIGHT NOW!

I love my girl friends, they’re fun to be around with and it’s always great to have activities together or gossipping around with them. But the problem with girls bestfriendship is that it is like a circle around a tangled, intertwining friendship lines and circle. Here’s the illustration:

besfriendship circle diagram

Friendship diagram consisted of 4 women

Inside, you can find:

  3. A four-people friendship = RED-YELLOW-GREEN-BLUE

I mean, in a best friend circle of women, there are circles on it where you’re not part of. Like when you are RED, you are not inside the YELLOW-GREEN-BLUE circle so they might talk things about you that they don’t want you to know. RED might also talk about personal things to YELLOW only, but how do RED know that YELLOW won’t tell GREEN and BLUE, too? I don’t say that this only occurs to women’s bestfriendship but these lines-and-circles-inside-a-circle thing is more impactful on it. Male friendship tend to be more simple. There are lines inside, too, but what’s connected within is not the same like in the females’.

In another word, girl friends are never to be fully trusted.

Or not.

Because maybe it’s just me.

Or not.

Sorry, girls.

Anastasia Sokolova

Despite any judgement about pole dancing and pole dancers here in the East, I gotta say SHE IS STUNNING. I always had something for pole dancing (though I can only do the first move they teach on the class –The Front Hook Spin– haha), and seeing this video I have to admit that she really takes it to a whole new level. Also, she was born on June 6th, 1989 – a Geminian.


She is perfect.

I think I just found my new idol.

Read Me Through My Books, Baby!

I was born in a book-enthusiastic family. Both my parents were not university-graduate but they encourage their children to go to college to the highest level we –me and my brother– may reach. So since we were young (we still are, though), they familiarize us with academic atmosphere in our house, by placing a bookcase in almost every single room that we had.

My mom and dad were studied in two different vocational high schools. But despite those different backgrounds, they develop the same habit. They consider schoolbooks as something important to keep I can even still read theirs right now (or just Dads actually, because Moms were nowhere to be found again after they moved to our house today). Dad’s books mostly talk about mechanical engineering. He also used to learn English (self-taught himself) by reading books and listening to ABC Radio / BBC Radio every day and write any lessons he learnt from it. That may answers the question on how does my parent’s children are so savvy with English without ever going to language courses: it’s in the genes.

Growing up, I became obsessed with books. Living life as an introvert, bookstore is always be my favorite place to hang out and even for a date (you may ask my first ex about this). If you ever have an appointment with me and we agreed to meet up at a bookstore, try to find me in Poems, Literature ( = sastra), Psychology, History, or Imported Books and Novels sections. You won’t find me in those light-themed book and teen-lit sections.

Moving out and live alone here in Semarang, I spent a big spare of my monthly cash to buy books. Whether it’s schoolbooks or not, it’s relieving for me to see a rack full of books inside my bedroom. I even had to bring some back home because of the space-inavailability here. I don’t have any favorite but mostly my books are about mafia life, secret codes, dark adventures, or Nazi and communist organizations history. And my oddity of genre preferences often times are not understandable to others. The weirdest two might be The Prophecies of Nostradamus by Erika Cheetham and Centhini: Kekasih yang Tersembunyi by Elizabeth D. Inandiak. Those two, for me, are magical.

centhini - nostradamus

So, yes, books are important in my life. You can read me through the books I read. They are a major part of things that made me who I am today and what would I be tomorrow.

How about you? What book did you read today? (:


“Iya, gimana coba?”

“Kuliahnya di Jurusan Ilmu Kelautan, tapi sampe sekarang ngga bisa renang. Ikut organisasinya tentang teknik perminyakan dan gas, terus rencana skripsinya nanti tentang gelombang laut dan bangunan pantai. Tapi abis lulus maunya jadi wartawan. Gimana coba?”