Here I Present to You, All The Highlights of My Summer Holiday Which Only Made It Even Hotter and Steamier


Pardon the title, tags, and the meme above.

Spent about 65% of my internet credits to surf around Tumblr and Youtube just to see and hear that guy everyday (well, people, meet Mr. Alex Turner, a Sex God from that Arctic Monkey band). Like, you know, I can finally feel the beauty of being single and chasing a guy this perfect again :’)

Well, it’s not just this Alex, actually. I am, too, still craving for Alex Trimble (Two Door Cinema Club’s frontman) and Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand’s frontman) . But Trimble seems a bit too rascal since last year (he added a ring on his nose) and Kapranos is 42 y.o. this year, even older than the oldest somebody-i-used-to-know, so that Alex you saw in the picture above seems the only Alex I can lean my hopes to.

alex-turner-trimble-kapranosAnd again, it’s not just those Alexes. White guys seems to be more appealing to me these past 3 weeks or something. Internet introduced me to someone named Danny. I won’t tell his last name because if I do you’ll easily recognize the website where I met him. But I have to say that I really want to write something about him but I can’t because it’ll make this blog unsuitable even for PG-13 rating (now you may have an idea where exactly I met this Danny guy). A clue:


Such a brief clue, I may add.

This summer I am working on something I can’t tell here (but I wrote about it on my other blog, if you can find it somewhere) (I am only writing this as a reminder for that upcoming future-me) and hoping that everything goes smoothly as I hope it would be. This thing will be finished on late September and after that I perhaps can give a sneak peek of what is it about.

Talking about academic matters, my grades are fine this semester. No “C” at all! Woohoo! One new accomplishment achieved. Have the chance to take another semester with 24 credits all in my hand but I should think about it twice (even thrice) considering some organizational issues and deskjobs I haven’t finished working on yet (blaaaaaaaahhh!). But you know, I’m just gonna lay back and relax for another week before get back to Semarang again.

khs semester 4
Dumbbells also became one of my best friends this summer holiday (which will only lasts for maybe a month, as usual.. haha). And because training these biceps and triceps regularly costs a lot of motivation, I made a workout playlist which turns out not only played when I am working out but basically every single time I turn my laptop on. Here’s the list:


  • The Dark of The Matinee – Franz Ferdinand
  • This Boy – Franz Ferdinand
  • Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? – Arctic Monkeys
  • The Fallen – Franz Ferdinand
  • Standing Next to Me – The Last Shadow Puppets
  • Love Illumination – Franz Ferdinand
  • Bailando – Enrique Iglesias ft. Descemer Bueno & Gente de Zona
  • Tell Her Tonight – Franz Ferdinand
  • Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
  • Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys
  • Little of Your Time – Maroon 5
  • Undercover Martyn – Two Door Cinema Club
  • Black Plant – The Last Shadow Puppets
  • Knee Socks – Arctic Monkeys 
  • Takin’ Back My Love – Enrique Iglesias
  • Monday Morning – Christina Aguilera
  • Snap Out of It – Arctic Monkeys
  • This Fire – Franz Ferdinand

Total length is 62 minutes. My current favorite is The Last Shadow Puppet’s Black Plant. Never realized before that this song is (IMO) much more stronger than the others. But if you asks about all-time favorite, there’s only one answer: Arctic Monkeys’ Knee Socks. That’s the song which brings me into loving mob movies (because the bridge lyric involves “…like the beginning of Mean Streets, you could be my baby…”and then I found out what Mean Street is, started searching for movies with the same theme, and voila:


Those are just the favorite ones. Harvey Keitel is still unbearably very gorgeous on Mean Street, I can barely recognize him when he played as Mr. White on Reservoir Dogs. And I can’t tell how good it is to watch Robert De Niro growing up on those classic movies, from Mean Street, Taxi Driver, The Untouchables, Goodfellas, up to Casino. Love them so (:

I also watched B/W movie called “A Streetcar Named Desire” from 1951 just because the Godfather, our beloved Marlon Brando, is the main cast. He’s so young and lovely there and since then I can understand why Brando is named as one of the pioneer of today’s act style (realism, is it?) and brought the infamous melodramatic style Vivien Leigh did sunk under the sea.


That’s that. Too many things I want to tell (new shoes, new watch, new backpack, new eyeglasses, new Maybelline products, new other stuffs…) but can’t do that now and here so maybe on the upcoming posts. About to dye my hair too seconds after I reach Semarang, with Seth Rollins as the inspiration, and change my attitudes as new freshmen are coming to the blue campus. Fraaah! Time goes so fast when you’re on an awwwesome holiday, right? Well then, enjoy it while it lasts, lads! Love. xx

How Living Alone Keeps Me Sane

While my college friends become more and more closer together, creating girls groups, and began to live together in a house, I kept my privacy by allowing no one enters my room. Exactly no one. Except for my parents and my brother.

Living alone comic by Dallion (

Living alone comic by Dallion (

1.    Living alone keeps my body on a better and nicer shape

Without someone interrupting my bathing session or even my only-wear-undies hour while trying on a thousand clothes from my closet for an interview or a first date, I eventually became more aware on my body weight and body shape. One key I learnt to be more confident is by often seeing your own body and be grateful for them. The more you are grateful with what you have, the more you’ll tend to keep them stay in shape. By being naked in front of the mirror regularly, my subconcious mind will tell me to decrease my meal quantiy if I saw that there are weights gained in the belly, and it will tell me to eat more if my arms look a little bit lighter and need some protein boosts (or whatever).

2.    The only girly problems that need solving are mine

One thing you surely will experience when you have girls as roomates are gossips sessions, which is very tiring for me. Living alone makes me have to do nothing with other girls’ problems. I am tired enough listening to them outside my bedroom, I won’t bother take them to MY bedroom. There should be somewhere I can just cut the worlds out of the door and not giving a fuck to anything hammering it.

3.    I only gets disgusted on the pile of trash, not on someone who keeps telling me to throw it out

Taking the trash out maybe one simple task most of us don’t like to do. I don’t like it either. So, as the only one in the room, I don’t have to do the chores based on people objection on me. I will only do that if I am the one who told me to. Because you can’t complain on yourself for things you’ve done for yourself.

4.    I can listen and sing to whatever song I want

I am easily irritated on people who put a loud music it can even be heard from across the hallway (or even from outside the house). But it’s a different case if I am the one doing it (everybody had the same thought, right?). I mean, it’s not only about the volume, but my wide ranged taste of music (from instrumental to salsa, pop-punk to bossanova) will also annoys people. Me and my brother once took a ride with his female friends sitting in the backseat while the audio plays the music from my USB flashdisk. When the music turns to Marc Anthony’s Contra La Corriente album, the girls were like, “Bagus (my brother’s name), why do you have this kind of music on your audio?” Such Justin Bieber groupies.

5.    I can cry all night, throwing things, without anybody asking stupid questions like “are you okay?

Seriously. Why do we keep on saying lousy, boring questions like that? “Well, hello! You see me crying here. There’s obviously something emotional going inside of my mind/soul/body/feelings that made the tears came out of its place. So please, stop offering unimportant questions to this crying-me.”

6.    There won’t be any dirty stories coming out from the dirty laundry

An advice for any girl who shares room/ house with roomates: Your roomate’s dirty laundy should stay on its place. You won’t take it out to the laundrette because it’s not yours, right? So should their secrets.

Living alone instantly prohibits me on experiencing bad days in campus caused by my dirty laundry.

7.    It’s a real life lesson about patience

There’s no one to blame if something goes wrong with my room and it became a routine life skill practice. I am now better at managing angers and emotions. I’ll also think twice when I want to blame someone if there’s something wrong with my life.

7 Things All My Past Relationships Had Taught Me

1.    If he cheats with you, he’ll mostly will cheat on you.

Cheating habit is non-curable. Stop dreaming that you can change him and be the last one he’ll laid his eyes on. Trust me: you can’t, and you won’t be.

2.    Zero insecurities, zero problems, were caused by zero love.

So you’re happy that he doesn’t gets jealous when you’re out with your 2 gals and 5 guys to a reunion camp? He’s fine with your co-worker regularly driving you home when he’s not there to take you from the office? He never gets mad at you talking about another women’s men? Those are the signs he might never really loved you at the first place.

3.    Never go home with someone you won’t build a home with.

What’s the point on having a relationship when you won’t sail the ship together?

4.    Never ignore what your heart says.

Whether it’s about jealousy, his weird attitude, his new perfume he doesn’t tell you about, his inexcitement on taking a walk with you at the park, or anything that makes your heart feels something unusual about him, never ignore them. You never know if your astral body might already follows him throughout the past months.

5.    Never buys out a man that never buys you anything.

A man that has never bought you a memento to reminds you of him doesn’t need to be remembered at all. Period!

6.    If you don’t remember the last time you really had a laughter with him, don’t bother thinking about the future.

7.    There’s always a finer apple and a field with greener grass out there.

Never lower your standards and never settle for those who don’t qualify. You’ll eventually find someone way much-much-much better than those standing in front of you right now.


Perempuan yang paling susah dibuat puas. Ada aja komentarnya. Warna celana kurang gelap, hak sepatu kurang tinggi, tisunya terlalu kasar, manik-maniknya kurang berkilau, parfumnya terlalu wangi, kacamatanya agak miring sedikit, kaos kaki pendek sebelah. Kalau memang ngga suka ya bilang ngga suka. Kepura-puraan kamu untuk suka itu ngga bakal bikin semuanya lebih baik kalau kamu ngga bilang apa yang salah. Pada akhirnya, baru ketahuan kalau kamu punya daftar khusus yang format kalimatnya antara Objek + terlalu/ agak/ kurang + kata sifat. Ngga akan ada yang tahan sama sikapmu. Kamu pun kadang sampai kesal sendiri karena tidak tau siapa lagi yang harus disalahkan. Selalu berharap bertemu yang baru yang lebih baik meskipun tau yang baru juga pasti punya kekurangan. Kekurangan yang kamu awalnya lihat baik dan banyak dikasih ignorance tapi lama-lama jadi numpuk dan banyak dan nutupin semua lebih-lebihnya. Ignorance kamu lama-lama bikin kamu jadi ignorant. Banyak orang tidak masuk pramuka, mereka ngga terbiasa sama kode. Ngga semua orang tau dan mau masuk STSN, yang isi pelajarannya sandi-sandi semua. Kamu hebat. Tapi kalau hebat sendirian, buat apa?

Satu lagi, sebaik-baik rencana adalah yang terlaksana. GWS, I’ll see you soon.